The Multi-day Walking Event Venray is organised by the Multi-day Walking Event Venray Foundation, to be called Foundation. Where participant(s), volunteers, etc. are mentioned, (m/f) applies.

  1. The participants declare to be familiar with and obey to the general terms and conditions.
  2. Everyone takes part at their own risk. The Foundation accepts no liability for lost or damaged personal belongings, nor for any personal injuries, except when their occurrence is a result of gross negligence by the Foundation. Any liability of the Foundation is limited to the amount of the Foundation’s insurance.
  3. Walkers are not allowed to bring a buggy or any other baby stroller. Dogs must be on a leash. Walkers are not allowed to be accompanied by one or more persons on bikes or any other means of transport, except with the organisers’ permission.
  4. Participation is only open to walkers,
  5. Passing other walkers is only allowed if this does not hamper other participants.
  6. Participants must follow the route indicated for them.
  7. During the Multi-day Walking Event Venray, participants are prohibited from expressing political views in any way, and from behaving or dressing offensively or dangerously.
  8. Clothing must always be in accordance with good manners. The upper body always remains covered.
  9. The route committee has the right to disqualify a participant and withdraw him from the walking tour. The first aid committee has the right to deny a participant (further) participation in the walking tour.
  10. Participants who have registered but do not take part will not be refunded their registration fee.
  11. The route committee reserves the right to change (parts of) the walking routes or to cancel the entire walking event because of extreme weather conditions, other calamities and force majeure leading to a situation where the walking tour cannot reasonably take place. In case of a cancellation no refund of registration fees will be made.
  12. The Road Traffic Act and the Regulations for Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs remain in force during the walking tours, unless explicitly stated otherwise in situations where an exemption has been granted to the Foundation.
  13. Distribution of flyers or samples and all other commercial activities are strictly prohibited in the start-finish area and along the walking routes without explicit permission by the Foundation.
  14. Everyone is expected not to cause damage to nature or to other people’s property and not to leave any waste behind.
  15. Participants’ data are recorded in a file. This file will only be used for purposes of the Multi-day Walking Event Venray Foundation (mailings, etc.) and will not be shared with third parties.
  16. The Foundation assigns several photographers who take pictures and/or record videos during the walking event. The organisation and the photographers accept no liability for participants who, for whatever reason, are not (well) visible on the photos or the videos.
  17. Participants agree that photos and videos taken during the walking event will be published.
  18. Participants agree to, and won’t demand compensation for the possible promotional use of their images in print, on photo, film, video, TV etc. by the Multi-day Walking Event Venray Foundation for events organised by the Foundation.
  19. The photos remain the intellectual property of the photographer in question. The photographer gives permission to use the photos for promotional purposes of Stichting Meerdaags Wandelevenement Venray for the events it organizes.
  20. Our tent is a non-smoking zone. Smoking is allowed on the outdoor area.
  21. The participants adhere to the so-called Outdoor Code of the KWbN.
  22. The Foundation decides in all cases not provided for in these regulations.

Privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of Stichting Meerdaags Wandelevenement Venray, located in Venray and listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under No. 70022488 (hereafter referred to as: Meerdaags Wandelevenement). This privacy statement outlines which personal data are collected by the Meerdaags Wandelevenement and which purposes these data are used for.


  1. Use of personal data

1.1. When you register for the Meerdaags Wandelevenement you are providing personal data to

1.2. The Meerdaags Wandelevenement collects following personal data, which have been provided by you when registering for our activities:

– Name;

– Postal code;

– E-mail address;

– Photo or video material from the walking event on which you are displayed;

– Other personal data that you actively provide, for example in correspondence or by phone.

1.3. The Meerdaags Wandelevenement might use this information for:

– Organising the walking event;

– Getting and keeping in touch with you regarding the walking event;

– Posting of photos on, for example, the Facebook page of the Meerdaags Wandelevenement, promotional purposes, or photo or video presentations of the Meerdaags Wandelevenement.


  1. View, modify or delete data

2.1. You can contact the Meerdaags Wandelevenement via [email protected] for:

– Obtaining more information about the way the Meerdaags Wandelevenement processes personal data;

– Asking questions regarding this privacy statement;

– Getting access to your personal data which the Meerdaags Wandelevenement is processing;

– Raising objections to the use of your personal data by the Meerdaags Wandelevenement.

2.2. In order to verify your identity when you request access to your personal data in a written or digital message, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your ID document. Make the photo, MRZ (machine readable zone), document number, and BSN (civil service number) invisible. If you put in a request in person, you must show a proof of identity to the board member if he or she does not know you personally. This will protect your privacy. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, but within four weeks.

The Meerdaags Wandelevenement would like to inform you about the possibility to submit a complaint with the national Dutch supervisory authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. You can do so by following this link:


  1. Security of your data

3.1. The Meerdaags Wandelevenement will only use your data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement and will not keep it for longer than necessary. We follow the legal retention periods.

3.2. The Meerdaags Wandelevenement will take adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes. However, it is never possible to keep your data 100% secure. If you have the impression that your data is not properly protected or there are indications of abuse, you can report this to the board of the Meerdaags Wandelevenement.


  1. Third parties

4.1. The Meerdaags Wandelevenement will not provide your information to third parties, unless you have given your explicit permission to do so, or in situations where the Meerdaags Wandelevenement is obliged to do so based on the law or a court decision.


  1. Notification Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

5.1. If, despite the security measures taken, an infringement occurs and in the unlikely case that this leads to a serious breach of the protection of your personal data, the Dutch data protection authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, will be notified.


  1. Report to the persons concerned

6.1. You will be notified of any security breach in the case that this might affect your privacy.


  1. Change of privacy statement

7.1. The security policy as outlined in this privacy statement might be subject to change. You will be notified in due course if such changes occur.