Charity Durf Te Vragen

About the foundation:

Everyone is sometimes gloomy, scared, angry, sad or not completely satisfied with themselves. That’s normal. But are you this very often and do you feel much less cheerful as a result? Then there might be more to it. So what can you do? We at Charity Durf Te Vragen want to help you with this. Dare to ask for help and support, then you can start to feel much better again.


Charity Durf Te Vragen aims to help young people recognize and acknowledge psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, coercion, trauma or eating problems. The foundation strives for a better and faster connection between young people and professionals. Of course, this does not happen automatically. To achieve this goal, we maintain a website and have contacts with agencies such as youth and youth work, care institutions, general practitioners and other professionals.

May we introduce ourselves?

Wow! We are very proud that we as Charity Durf te Vragen are the new charity of the Multi-day Walking Event Venray! Especially because the Multi-day Walking Event Venray fits in very nicely with our objective.

Walking improves mental well-being

Research has shown that walking for half an hour every day improves mental well-being improves and reduces the risk of depression. Walking has a positive effect on your creativity. In addition, fresh air gives new energy and makes you happy. But who is Charity Durf te Vragen?


Charity Durf Te Vragen.

Charity Durf te Vragen, with ambassadors Dylan Haegens and; Marit Haegens – Brugman, is a foundation that breaks the taboo around psychological problems among the youth. By children and young people learn more about emotions and feelings at an early age, we young people want to mentally making it resilient for the future.


Featured project: Taboeiend

We do this, among other things, with the school project ‘Taboeiend’. A virtual and interactive experience in which our robot Foob goes along first and second classes of secondary education and primary schools to introduce young people to mental health in an accessible way.

Are you following along?

We look forward to making it a fantastic event. And hope that so much possibly young people walking along, to experience how walking can contribute to improving your mental well-being. Keep an eye on our socials!