Charity Metakids

Charity Metakids

Starting with the third edition of our event, we are welcoming an additional charity partner: Metakids.

Metabolic diseases are one of the main causes of death among children in the Netherlands. But hardly anyone is aware. Often a disease is recognized too late or treatment is not possible, and some children don’t even make it to their first birthday. But this is not necessary! Research is giving children a chance. If we can speed up the necessary research, almost all metabolic diseases will be curable within the next 30 years.

Metakids is raising the funds so all children with a metabolic disease can get treatment.

Metabolic diseases are wasting diseases

Metabolic diseases ruin children’s lives. Due to a DNA fault, the chemical processes in the body go wrong. Necessary nutrients are not properly absorbed or broken down, resulting in serious damage to the organs. Children get debilitated, physically and mentally – a drama for the child and its loved ones. In the Netherlands, more than 10,000 families have one or more children suffering from a metabolic disease.

Together we give sick children a chance!

Medical research into metabolic diseases can make a difference. It enables earlier diagnoses as well as better and faster treatment of children with a metabolic disease.