Venray (‘Venroj’ or ‘Rooj’) is a municipality in Dutch Limburg. The municipality has over 43,000 inhabitants on a surface area of 146.03 km². The centre of Venray is located 36 kilometres south of Nijmegen and 22 kilometers north-west of Venlo. As of 1 January 2010, Venray is a rural municipality with an urban core, surrounded by 13 smaller villages. About 30,000 inhabitants live in the urban core, the remaining 13,500 residents are spread over the 13 villages, which have between 200 and 2,000 inhabitants each. Venray is, behind Venlo, the second largest urban core in Northern Limburg and is playing an important role in the region.

First edition

The first edition of the Multi-day Walking Event Venray will take place on 2 and 3 June 2018. The event is being organised by experienced walkers and will present participants with the various landscapes of Venray: woods, sand drifts, fields, marshes, stream valleys, meadows, Peel landscapes and Maas banks, but also wide meadows and farmlands. This variety of landscapes makes Venray an ideal destination for walkers.

The Multi-day Walking Event is unique as it presents the walker with the opportunity to walk a different distance each day. The distances vary between 10 and 60 kilometres. It is also possible to participate for just one day. Thanks to this unique format, the event is a perfect preparation for the bigger walking events later this year. But it is also suitable for the beginner, who just wants to enjoy the beautiful nature of Venray and its surroundings for one or two days. 


There are six distances: 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 kilometres per day. The first three (10-20-30) are the standard distances, the other three (40-50-60) are the combined distances. All standard distances have their start and finish on the Schouwburgplein in Venray.


The 10K is an ideal distance for beginners.


The 20K is suitable for more advanced walkers.


The 30K can be an excellent preparation for the four-day marches in Apeldoorn or Nijmegen.


The 40K consists of the 30K plus the 10K loop as an addition. This distance is especially useful as a practice walk for one of the longer four-day events elsewhere.  


The 50K walker will first complete the 30K before adding the 20K loop – though the other way around is also possible. This distance is the ideal preparation for one of the longer four-day events elsewhere.


The 60K is for the long-distance walkers, who will complete all three standard distances (10-20-30) in random order. This distance obviously is an excellent preparation for a Kennedy march or another long-distance walk.


The route commission is still preparing the most beautiful routes for each of the distances. The routes will be published here as soon as they have been confirmed. Our routes will include paved as well as unpaved roads. This way we want to show the walkers the best spots in Venray and its surroundings. All routes are signposted conform KWBN regulations.

Routes Wandelevenement Venray Dag 1 2018

Day 1

All routes

Day 2

All routes

Routes Wandelevenement Venray Dag 2 2018